Configuring Your Mobile Office for Productivity

Getting the right size and type of mobile office is just the start. Next you will need to choose a layout that works for how you work. Take a count of the number of private offices, common work areas, conference rooms, restrooms, breakrooms and any other space you may need. A reputable provider should work with you to devise a floorplan that delivers the space you need in a configuration that supports the way you work.

Essential Add-On Items

Most businesses don’t have a large inventory of extra furniture, data hubs or steps on standby. Ask your provider what you will need to make your building ready to work. Steps and/or ramps are usually required for traditional mobile office trailers. Make sure to check if you need to meet any OSHA or ADA requirements.

What are your furniture and office equipment needs? What about security, data, insurance and more? Prewired units can save time, money and potential damage. Some providers have turnkey solutions that are affordable and make it easy to use the space immediately upon delivery. Perhaps best of all, getting everything from one provider ensures it will all be there before your project starts and gone when the job is done, and everything comes on one bill. No juggling multiple vendors.

Office Packages
Conference Room Packages
Workstation Packages
Cubicle Packages
Café Packages
Entrance Packages
Data Package 

Open pedestal drawer Planning package draft table Furnished conference room Furnished cubicles Furnished lunch room Mobile Office enterance equiped with a ramp