Temporary Washrooms and Lavatory Facilities

When your business needs to provide restroom facilities to staff, customers, patrons or guests, our toilet trailers and lavatory units are the ideal onsite solution. Uniquely designed to support Canada's diverse terrain, our toilet trailers and lavatory units are constructed using durable, high-grade materials that meet or exceed local codes. Whether your need is for a single or multi-stall toilet trailer, we can work with you to optimize your space and to provide the exact solution you require.

Complete your space by choosing the Essentials, saving you time and money, so that your lavatory and toilet trailer is ready to work from day one.

*Availability varies by branch location. Not all products are guaranteed to be in stock. Products are shown with all available features and may vary. Additional products and features may be available. Contact a representative for more information on what products and features are currently available near you.


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Available Lavatory Trailers

WillScot of Canada's lavatory units and toilet trailers are ideally suited for construction sites, sporting events, concerts, festivals and races and are available in a range of sizes and configurations. They can even be customized to include shower facilities or changing areas. See the full range here.

Lavatory Trailers

Single Self-Contained Lavatory

Need a basic restroom solution for your jobsite or mobile office? The 6' x 8' single self-contained lavatory trailer is the ideal solution.

Double Self-Contained Lavatory

Need dual restroom facilities at your location? Its 10' x 10' form factor includes two separate restrooms as well as water and waste tanks. 

10' x 20' Toilet Trailer

The 10' x 20' toilet trailer is a mid-sized restroom solution that provides separate facilities, with one larger room that can accommodate two toilets, a urinal and dual sinks, and one smaller private restroom.

12' x 60' Toilet Trailer

Ideal for concerts, festival and large events, the 12' x 60' is our largest toilet trailer, with capabilities for handicapped facilities, plus nine toilets and nine urinals. This model also features a wall of sinks.

Fresh Water Tanks

Need onsite access to fresh water anyplace, anytime? Our 9' x 12' fresh water trailer is ready to hook up and go.

Waste Water Tanks

Keep your site fresh and sanitary with the WillScot of Canada 9' x 12' waste trailer, which includes a waste water pump for an all-in-one solution.