Cost considerations when renting an office trailer

Office trailer rental costs vary in price based on the size of the office trailer, the duration of the rental agreement, the building configuration, the location of your rental and the level of service from your office trailer provider.

Size of the Office Trailer

Mobile office trailers outside Montclair University

Office trailers come in several sizes; from small 20’ by 8’ jobsite trailers for one or two people, to 64’ by 48’ modular complexes for 30 workers or more. Expect to pay more in total for larger buildings, although cost per square feet may be less.

Duration of the Rental Agreement

Whether you need an office trailer for three months or three years, the duration of your office trailer lease is commonly a factor in your monthly mobile office trailer rental price rate. The longer your lease, the lower the rate.

Configuration of the Interior

Furnished interior with office desks

The configuration is another factor. An open floor plan construction trailer rental with no walls or restrooms is likely to cost less than a comparable building with 2 private offices, a restroom and a coffee bar.

Location of Your Rental

Prices will vary across the country. Supply and demand, local taxes, permitting and transportation regulations are some variables that can affect mobile office rental prices from one geography to the next. The proximity of the delivery location to the supplier branch will impact delivery costs.

Service Level of the Provider

Like most things rented, you’re not just paying to rent the office trailer. You’re also paying for the quality of service that comes with it. Better service saves you time and gives you the certainty you need to focus on the project you’re working on, not the building you’re working in. You can save time and cost by choosing a provider with better service; reliable on-time delivery and pick-up; add-ons such as steps, ramps and furniture and anything else you’ll need to make your mobile office rental a fully functional, highly productive workplace.

While cost is a factor in nearly every decision, it is not the only factor. Consider how these factors can increase or reduce your costs, time and effort required throughout your project.