Deciding whether to rent or buy temporary space

Many businesses choose modular buildings as a more affordable and timelier alternative to building a permanent structure. But then the question becomes “Should you rent or buy your office trailer?” The following are some considerations when deciding what is best for your business.

Outside view of a Large Modular Complex


Many businesses choose to lease a mobile office because it is the most affordable option, especially if you will only need the space for a few years. Purchasing a unit requires a large upfront investment and trailers do not typically appreciate in value. One can often find good deals on used office trailers but the quality varies.


If your business needs space for several months to several years, renting a mobile office is usually the best option. If you plan on using the space for 7+ years, it may make more sense to buy the unit.


While larger mobile office providers offer a wide variety of trailer sizes and configurations, your ability to customize the unit may be limited. When you purchase a new unit, you have more flexibility in terms of the design and layout, plus you own the structure and can do what you want with it. Buying a used office trailer has the same limitations as renting because most units are sold as is.


When you purchase a unit, you are responsible for the cost of the maintenance, repair and relocation. Most quality rental companies cover routine maintenance such as HVAC or leaking doors or windows under the monthly rental cost.

These are just a few things to consider when you're looking to rent or buy a mobile office. If you still have questions, we'd be happy to discuss the best solutions for your need. Just give us a call or request a quote.