About WillScot of Canada

At WillScot of Canada, we are focused on doing one thing very well – making it easy for you to get the temporary workspace you need, configured exactly to your specifications, delivered and set up when and where you need it.

Everything about our company and culture is geared toward providing this value. Our vast inventory of quality portable units, our near limitless array of add-on options, our coast-to-coast network of locations, our staff of temporary workspace experts – all of these assets stand ready to serve your needs.


That means when you call WillScot, it’s the only call you will need to make. There’s no more dealing with multiple vendors, POs, contracts, coordination and other startup headaches. Instead you get perfectly configured workspace that your people can move into and work out of right away.


It all goes back to doing that one thing very well. We focus on what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best – working your project, being productive, meeting your goals.


See Our Approach in Action