24' x 60' Modular Office Trailer

About our Modular Office Trailers

Does your business require more square footage than our single-wide mobile office trailers? Do you have more space on your site to work with? If you answered yes, then our section modular offices are the perfect solution. Supported by the best customer service in the industry, our 24' x 60' section modular office provides 1,440 sq. ft. of office space and is made with durable, high quality materials that meet local building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes. Standard and customized floorplans are available and allow you the flexibility to reconfigure, expand or relocate as your needs change. The Essentials offer a variety of options to ensure your section modular office is ready to work from day one.

Consider our 24' x 60' section modular office when you need space for a jobsite, contractor’s office, sales or retail outlet, administrative office, swing space during renovations or new construction, medical facility or visitor center.

Our 24' x 60' section modular office:

  • Creates a secure, efficient office environment
  • Can be easily relocated or reconfigured as your needs change
  • Provides onsite office space and conference areas to facilitate meetings
  • Offers personnel all the conveniences of a traditional office in a modular setting
  • Is ideal for larger, temporary or permanent, applications

No matter what space challenge you are trying to solve, you can be confident our section modular office buildings and complexes meet your needs. Our 24' x 60' section modular office can help keep your operations on track and moving forward.


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24' x 60' Modular Office



  • Walls: 2' x 4' (R-12 Fiberglass)
  • Floor: 2' x 10' (R-20 Fiberglass)
  • Roof: 2' x 8' (R-20 Fiberglass)

Exterior Finishes

  • Vertical metal siding (white/green)
  • EPDM membrane roof

Interior Finishes

  • Vinyl covered gyproc (light color) walls
  • Heavy duty vinyl floors
  • Vinyl covered gyproc structural 8' ceiling


  • Fluorescent ceiling lights
  • Main breaker panel & subpanels
  • Heat: Electric forced air (downflow)
  • A/C: Electric forced air (upflow)


  • Double glazed 50/50 sliders
  • Insulated doors


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Availability varies by branch location. Not all products are guaranteed to be in stock. Products are shown with all available features and may vary. Additional products and features may be available. Contact a representative for more information on what products and features are currently available near you. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, we also offer a variety of used trailers for sale. Refer to our Mobile Office Trailer Rental Guide to download a helpful checklist for leasing temporary space.