About this Case Study


Test Flight Offices for New Aircraft Development

Bombardier needed a temporary office space for 700 workers while they developed a new aircraft for the 100 to 149 seat segment. The office space had to be within close proximity of their manufacturing plant and suitable for at least 28 months. It also had to be ready quickly to keep development on track.


We worked with Bombardier’s engineers and architects to design, build and install a large modular facility that met all of their needs, within their tight timeframe.

The finished building is comprised of four wings with central adjoining corridor. Interior structural walls were kept to a minimum to create a wide open office, while providing sufficient roof support for the heavy snow loads common in the region. The complex includes areas for research, restricted-access areas, a separate entrance for vendors and a full-service cafeteria. The functional and comfortable working environment is nearby their manufacturing plant. This enabled them to maximize time management and increase productivity.