About this Case Study


Valor Academy Gets Temporary Classrooms from WillScot

The Valor Academy School of Leadership provides underserved students with a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that will prepare them for college, shape character, develop leadership skills and create independent thinkers. The Valor Academy was in need of additional classrooms to support increased enrollment for the upcoming school year. With a limited budget and timeline of 10 weeks, modular construction was ideal. WillScot provided 17 modular units to create 8 new classrooms and a modular restroom facility. The buildings were positioned to create dual facing wings of abutted classrooms as opposed to individually separated modules. The classrooms were positioned to allow easy access to the pickup/drop off area for students while protecting them from elements during inclement weather. The buildings were designed so that they blended with the existing school buildings and so that they did not look like traditional portable trailers.


The classrooms were designed to create an efficient integrated solution that easily fit in with the existing building while allowing for quick expansion to support further enrollment growth. By abutting the classrooms and installing prefabricated concrete walkways and standing seam metal walkway canopies, WillScot was able to create an environment that did not look portable in nature and created a seamless transition for students from the existing building to the new temporary classrooms. The site layout affords the Valor Academy to add additional classrooms as enrollment grows and remove them once their permanent school is built.

The Valor Academy had a very limited budget and an extraordinary tight construction timeline. WillScot was able to provide them with professional engineering drawings and construction documents to secure permits, delivery, set up and assembly which included not only the classrooms and toilet trailer but the prefabricated concrete walkway and standing seam metal walkway canopies as well. By utilizing stock fleet, the project required significantly less capital up-front as opposed to traditional construction or brand new modular buildings and allowed the Valor Academy to meet their enrollment demands and secure funding for their program. By using modular buildings, Valor can add modules in the future should enrollment continue to grow or remove them once their permanent building is constructed.