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WillScot is North America’s leading site solution provider. We provide businesses and organizations the temporary space they need to learn, live, recover, work and play. Our product line includes the industry’s largest inventory of mobile office trailers, portable classrooms, modular complexes, panelized modular units and portable storage units – all of them clean, modern, quality built and ready to work.

We've led the industry in temporary space innovation since 1955 – the year Albert Vaughn “A.V.” Williams patented the technology for building mobile offices. Now, from 275+ locations across the United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom, we have more than 350,000 portable offices and storage containers ready to mobilize. We deliver solutions from the simplest construction office trailers to the largest modular complexes – and everything in between.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, we are the modular space and storage supplier of choice for the construction, education, healthcare, government, retail, commercial, transportation, security and energy sectors. Our dedicated sales and service teams meet the needs of more than 85,000 customers – making their lives easier every day. More than a half-century of industry advancement, organic growth and strategic acquisitions have propelled us to where we are today. We are committed to continuing this legacy as we move forward into the future.

WillScot Timeline

1944: Williams Mobile Offices introduces an 8’ wide construction trailer that can be towed behind a car

1945: Scotsman Manufacturing Company produces recreational vehicles and specialty units for the movie business

1955: Williams Mobile Offices is incorporated

1965: First Double Wide Mobile Office

1967: First Modular Building (6-55 x 10)

1990: Merger of Scotsman and WMO

1999: First Canadian branch opens

2004: Expansion into Mexico; GE California DSA Classrooms acquisition; Expansion into Europe

2005: WillScot IPO; traded on NASDAQ

2006: Wiron acquisition in Spain

2007: Hawaii Modular Space acquisition

2007: Merger of WillScot and Algeco; return to private company

2010: reMod, a greener modular line, is introduced

2013: Launched The Essentials line of add-on products and services to make spaces ready to work

2014: Remote Accommodations established in Canada

2015: Flex, an innovative panelized product, is introduced in the United States

2017: Double Eagle acquires WillScot and begins trading on NASDAQ

2017: WillScot acquires Acton Mobile

2018: WillScot acquires Tyson Onsite

2018: WillScot acquires ModSpace

2020: WillScot merges with Mobile Mini