Case Studies


Bentonville High School

The challenge of accommodating a rapid increase in student population was met with a modular classroom solution from WillScot that featured six 24’ X 64’ double wides, as well as a latrine trailer.


Ardsley Country Club

A devastating fire meant that a country club needed temporary structures so that the golf course could continue its operations – so WillScot delivered and configured several Flex units to create an 18-piece compound.



Beatty Development Marketing Suite

For a marketing trailer to be used as a pre-leasing office for a new high-rise apartment building, Beatty Development called on WillScot for a quick and inexpensive Flex office solution.

City of Rehoboth

City of Rehoboth

When this town demolished its city hall office, police station and courthouse, they need a temporary solution until the new facilities were constructed, so WillScot provided 7,860 square feet of modular office space.

Friends Academy

Friends Academy

Thirty-six WillScot Flex units were installed on the Friends’ Academy Quad to create an academic village-style campus housing 12 classrooms with an ADA-certified deck with stair and ramp access.

Light City

Light City

To support a large city event with 400,000 attendees, WillScot delivered steel storage containers to add necessary operating space – complete with a furniture package, steps and a security screens.


Riverdale Country School

When this school needed “swing space” away from ongoing construction and renovations, WillScot swung into action with a modular classroom solution featuring aluminum decks with ramps and aluminum awnings.


Montclair State University

Ten temporary WillScot Redi Plex units became the new home of this school’s Admissions and Bursar offices – complete with offices, bathrooms, security and furniture – during a construction project.


Bombardier Aerospace

Bombardier needed a temporary office space for 700 workers while they developed a new aircraft, so WillScot worked with their engineers to design, build and install a large modular facility.

Central City

Central City Toyota

While this car dealership was undergoing a facelift, WillScot used space on the dealership lot to deliver and configure five modular units to create a 4,560 sq. ft. sales office.


Wacker Polysilicon

This company needed a temporary facility to house 200+ employees during construction of a $1.5 billion manufacturing facility, and WillScot delivered a 71,396 square foot administrative office complex.

Colorado Academy

Colorado Academy

During a construction project, this school needed temporary space for more than 300 students and office space for 20 teachers and administrators, and WillScot created a functional classroom and administrative complex in just 43 days.