Payment Terms and Information

We've compiled helpful information to provide a smooth payment experience.

Credit Application

If you would like to do business with Williams Scotsman on terms, please complete our credit application here.

Williams Scotsman Invoices

Remit payments directly to Williams Scotsman for all invoices issued by Williams Scotsman 

Lien Waivers

Submit all lien waiver requests and questions directly to: Please keep in mind that we do not place liens on property.

Billing Cycle

WillScot generates invoices on the first day of the rental cycle. The day you take delivery generally determines the start of your rental cycle. Each subsequent billing cycle, WillScot will send an invoice which is due on the first day of the rental cycle.

Purchase Orders

If invoices require reference to a purchase order, please submit a copy of the purchase order along with the invoice copy directly to:

Sales Tax

To avoid sales tax assessment, please email a copy of your valid sales tax exemption document within 30 days of receipt of your invoice to:

Sales Tax Differences

Sales tax calculations are based upon the combined companies’ taxability determinations which may differ from previously billed WillScot sales tax amounts. Please adjust your purchase order accordingly upon receipt of your first invoice.

Interest Charges

If payments are not received within the agreed upon terms, the balance due will be subject to interest charges at 1.5% per month.

Late Changes

If payments are not received within the agreed upon terms, a late charge will be applied to your account

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