10' x 18' Extra-wide Portable Storage Unit

Our 18-foot storage container provides 40% more usable space than standard-width containers. Designed for average retail and pallet storage needs, the extra two feet of width can be all the difference your operation needs to run more smoothly. Store pallets side by side with a walkway down the middle for the ultimate in storing convenience.

Three Door Options for Complete Flexibility

  • Standard Doors: These are regular doors, which work well for basic storage needs.
  • Tri- Cam Doors: Our patented Tri-Cam Locking System provides bank-vault security with interlocking bars for your precious valuables and most important documents.
  • Premium Doors: These open easily with one hand so you can get in with minimal effort, especially when you’re carrying something.

The Secure Choice

When storing valuable supplies and equipment onsite, security is critical. That’s why your first and only call should be to WillScot. Our storage containers come with the patented Tri-Cam Locking System, which means if you don’t have a key, you’re not getting in. Our units also are weather-proof, so whatever you’re storing stays clean and dry, even through the toughest storms.


Product availability varies by region. Please call or request a quote online and our team will work with you to deliver the size and configuration that best meets your needs.


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Overhead view of a 10 x 18 Portable Storage Unit



  • 9' 6-1/2" W
  • 17' 2-3/4" L
  • 7' 10-1/2" H

Internal Volume

  • 1292 cubic feet


  • 10' W
  • 18' L
  • 8' 6" H

External Volume

  • 1530 cubic feet


Download Floor Plan Spec Sheet

Benefits of Portable Storage Containers

  • Durability: Have you ever tried to damage steel? You can’t. Active jobsites are brutal, but our units can take it. They’re built tough to withstand flying debris, bad weather and any other hazards your project can throw at them.
  • Portability: Our storage units can be moved easily from location to location. As your projects move, your storage goes right along for the ride.
  • Affordability: Renting container storage is much less expensive than replacing damaged or stolen equipment that was left outside. It’s also cheaper than buying.