Container Office Units

When you need immediate on-site access to ground-level office space, our container offices are the ideal solution. Our portable container offices feature a fully functional office area and are equipped with heat and AC in the office area to provide maximum comfort on your job site. Safe and secure, our container offices are ISO-certified, have fully welded weather-resistant steel corrugated exteriors, and have exterior window guards made of welded steel and tamper-proof screws. 

Our container offices:

  • Provide immediate access to ground level office space quickly
  • Offer a safe and secure, weather-proof environment for staff
  • Are equipped with heat and AC
  • Are ISO-certified to withstand the rigors of construction and industrial sites

Container offices are ideally suited for:

  • Construction jobsite offices
  • Field offices or labs
  • Safety Centers
  • On-site storage needs

Available Size:

Complete your space by choosing from a variety of our turnkey add-on products and packages, saving you time and money, so that your container office is ready to work from day one.

At WillScot of Canada, our people and solutions are ready to work. So from day one, you too are ready to work.


*Availability varies by branch location. Not all products are guaranteed to be in stock. Products are shown with all available features and may vary. Additional products and features may be available. Contact a representative for more information on what products and features are currently available near you.