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Do You Need Anchors for Your Office Trailer?

As the name implies, anchors connect office trailers and large modular complexes to the ground to provide structural stability. Here are some simple guidelines to help you determine if you need anchors for your office trailer.

Mobile office trailer

High Wind Areas

If your building is located in a region susceptible to high winds, such as the Gulf Coast or Midwest, you’ll need to anchor the trailer. Many coastal states require anchors. Ask your mobile office provider if your state requires anchors.

Anchor installation during office trailer set up
Anchors are installed during an office trailer set up.

Building Size

Anchors are installed during an office trailer set up. Standard office trailer widths are 8, 10 and 12 feet. As a rule of thumb, the larger the building the more anchors required.

Building Weight

The weight of the office trailer and the height-to-width ratio are also factors in determining the need for anchors. Ground-level trailers do not require anchors because they are heavy and sit directly on the ground. On the other hand, office trailers with a floor 3 or 4 feet above grade are likely to require anchors.

Building Use

The use of the building can determine if anchors are required. If the building is being used as a jobsite office, code issues rarely apply. However, for almost all commercial, customer-facing buildings, the city/state will require anchors for permit approval. Check with your local authorities to determine if codes or other requirements apply.

Foundation Tips

Anchors or no anchors, office trailers must be placed on a level, firm surface — usually asphalt, gravel or compressed dirt. Cement works well too, though special anchors are required. Make sure to mark all underground utilities before anchors are put in place.

While everyone is counting expenses and saving a dollar whenever possible, office trailer anchors create a safer, more stable setup for the building and its occupants. When left with the choice, it’s always better to choose safety over saving a few bucks. Check with your office trailer provider regarding anchoring requirements.

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