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Can A Modular Building Be Remodeled?

A traditional building renovation can be a big undertaking. Not only does it mean months of planning and design for the remodel itself, but it also means making arrangements for displaced workers, and dealing with site disruption, which will go on for months.

When it comes to initial building, modular construction is generally faster and more efficient than traditional construction, giving businesses a greater return on their investment. Yet, does the same hold true when it comes to a remodel?

Remodeled temporary modular building in Hartford, CT.
WillScot remodeled temporary modular buildings for the construction of its permanent office in Hartford, CT.

Greater Flexibility for Remodels

Any building is subject to wear and tear as the years go on, and modular buildings are no different. After several years of steady traffic, a permanent modular building will probably need some revitalization. Lots of businesses also see expansion over the years, and need to make renovations to accommodate the growth.

When permanent modular buildings need a renovation or reconfiguration, it’s easy to make such changes as:

  • Adding or removing prefabricated modules
  • Reconfigure floor plans to accommodate changing needs
  • Incorporating new elements, such as ramps or skirting on the exterior

Renovations can often be made to a modular building in a matter of weeks with minimal site disruption. If needed, workers can be relocated into temporary offices while the primary building is remodeled.

Temporary Modular Building Remodeling

Temporary modular buildings can also be remodeled or refurbished.

During a refurbishment, mobile offices and temporary classrooms are stripped down and completely rebuilt to like new condition. The remanufactured buildings are then returned to service. Such an extensive top-to-bottom remodel is not possible with traditional building, giving modular construction a distinct advantage.

For growing businesses that need more room, modular construction offers plenty of permanent and temporary solutions to make the process as simple as possible.

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