Industrial Job Site Trailers

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Our in-plant offices can help industrial companies with a variety of needs. They can serve as extra space for your operation as you grow or they can temporarily house your materials and equipment if you're running low on space. WillScot's units are versatile and can help you solve a variety of space-related issues. You can use our modular solutions as:

  • In-plant offices
  • Guard houses
  • Break rooms
  • Training rooms
  • Shutdown/Turn-around offices
  • Industrial administrative offices

Our in-plant offices can be used for managing, meeting, and planning. Keep it simple by choosing one of our standard floorplans, or customize to meet your specific requirements.

From mining to chemical projects, WillScot mobile offices are essential to a variety of industrial jobsites. Compliant with all applicable government safety regulations, our units help keep your project running safely, smoothly and on time.

Our Blast Resistant Modules also offer safe and durable office solutions for any type of jobsite, allowing industrial teams to get to work securely. And with our Essentials packages, you can ensure your office has everything it needs to get started right away.

Highly functional, tough, secure, and easily reconfigured or relocated, our modular solutions are as important to the industry as its workforce, and that workforce knows they can rely on WillScot.