About this Case Study


University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Hospital COVID-19 Testing Facilities

When the pandemic first hit the East Coast, The University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Hospital quickly set up COVID-19 testing in reallocated service buildings to help test more patients. After a few months, the hospital was forced to relocate testing.


The hospital turned to our WillScot Baltimore team for assistance. In less than a week, our team set up 10 FLEX mobile offices outside the hospital’s new Hartford County location.

The offices were arranged side-by-side, bringing the hospital’s precise layout to life with room for both a spacious lobby and a divided, two-part testing area for separate COVID-19 symptom and exposure care wings. The interior was equipped with essential items such as ADA entrance steps and ramps, a desk, chairs, trash can, filing cabinet and more to help the hospital be ready to treat COVID-19 patients from day one.