About this Case Study


MileOne Auto Group

In Baltimore, two car dealerships owned by MileOne Auto Group, were in need of additional office swing space to keep business running smoothly while part of their shared parking lot, (where most of their for sale cars are displayed), underwent renovations. With limited space surrounding the renovations, it was important that majority of the remaining area be allocated for displaying car inventories while the rest be used for sales and service buildings. WillScot was able to fulfill this request through a unique and modern two-piece building design.


The two-piece building design consisted of 12 FLEX mobile offices that were configured into two buildings, a 5 building sales office and a 7 building service center. Combined, the flexible sales and service offices were able to meet all the jobsite needs while using only 12 parking spaces on the lot, leaving plenty of room to display available car inventory.

In addition to fulfilling the client’s site requests, WillScot worked closely with MileOne Auto Group to fulfill their interior and exterior requests. For the exterior, WillScot’s design team created a cost effective 4-sided vinyl wrapping for both buildings, showcasing the dealership car brands. Likewise, WillScot outfitted the interior of the buildings with chairs, desks, restrooms and everything that their team needed to be able to work.