About this Case Study


Loyola University

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., Loyola University Maryland, a private university in Baltimore, was in need of extra space for social distancing in their classrooms. After receiving a recommendation from one of their contractors, the university partnered with our local Baltimore team for a temporary classroom solution.


The WillScot Construction Services Division developed a plan to install 30 modular classroom buildings on Loyola's multi-purpose field adjacent to the university's student center and bookstore.

The 30 modular buildings were arranged into 5 separate 6-building complexes, each comprised of 2 classrooms that could safely hold 35 students spaced 6 feet apart. The 10 total classrooms were connected with a series of walkways to provide students convenient access to the classrooms and bookstore. Additionally, each classroom was equipped with enhanced audio and video technology to help students start learning from day one.