About this Case Study


When a local Baltimore biopharmaceutical company was tasked by Johnson & Johnson to produce a potential COVID-19 vaccine, they quickly began making plans to transition their modular office swing space into additional vaccine development workspace.


With the help of WillScot, a solution was quickly delivered to add extra space to the company’s existing temporary office space to allow for proper social distancing while employees began work to produce the vaccine.

Before the company was tasked with developing a vaccine, 12 WillScot FLEX mobile offices were already being used by the company for additional office swing space while interior renovations of their building were underway. As both COVID-19 cases and the subsequent need for a vaccine began to increase, 10 more FLEX offices were requested along with an office space reconfiguration from a two-story, 4 FLEX units over 8 to a larger 11 buildings over 11 office building.

While the new configuration was a needed improvement, the evolving work on the vaccine required even more workspace and a third delivery of FLEX ground-level offices was requested. This third delivery, however, required a crane to place each of the 22 new FLEX offices beyond the existing office building. Once completed, the new FLEX mobile offices were configured into a second two-story, 11 over 11 office building adjacent to the first. Both office buildings were equipped with steps and ramps for easy access, as well as desks, chairs, filing cabinets and other office essentials to help workers get right to working on a possible vaccine candidate.