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8731 Oil Ave.
Williston, North Dakota 58801

Phone: (406) 795-3700

Fax: (406) 795-3706

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Winnipeg (311 mi / 500 011 m)

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Professional Mobile Office Trailers and Storage Containers in Williston, ND

Williston is the current regional hub for North Dakota. The area is currently a thriving economic sector due to its agricultural heritage and position in the oil industry. Located near the confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers, Williston provides a broad opportunity for industrial growth. As a growing community, almost every corner of Williston has potential for growth, from the Williston State College to Raymond Family Community Center neighborhoods.

For most small to medium businesses, getting affordable storage and office space can be a challenge. This is where WillScot comes in. We provide quality temporary space solutions for their office and storage needs. These solutions include mobile office trailers, mobile storage containers, and other storage needs.

Units are specifically designed to be temporary office spaces in places such as busy construction sites. When providing your units, we can customize them with essentials like furniture, security, tech, and insurance, among other personalized items. We ensure businesses have all the amenities needed to smoothly run their operations, especially in Williston, where there is so much room for growth and opportunity.

Call us to help provide fast and reliable space solutions. We take care of your office and storage needs and let you worry about your other projects. We provide mobile office trailers beyond Williston to other areas in North Dakota. Reach out to us for your office and storage needs in Williston, ND.