Mobile Office Trailers in Vancouver, BC

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30796 South Fraser Way
Abbotsford, British Columbia V2T 6L4

Phone: (604) 851-2202

Fax: (604) 851-2402

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Premium Mobile Offices and Shipping Containers in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is an incredibly popular city, and it is growing rapidly. Known for its beautiful parks, thriving film industry, and many outdoor festivals throughout the year, Vancouver is certainly the place you want to be.

If you're going to be working on a film, managing a construction site, or planning an event in Vancouver then you are likely going to be on the hunt for reliable mobile office trailers and other storage solutions. That's where WillScot comes in. We are here to provide you with everything you need to make your project in Vancouver a success.

We have several different unit sizes that can accommodate anywhere from a few people to an entire team! Each unit can be customized with whatever you need, such as complete furniture, fixtures, accessible entrances, and tech hookups.

We offer service in areas across the Lower Mainland, so you can be sure to get the units you need no matter where you're located. Give us a call so we can help make your project, build or special event go off without a hitch.