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5105 North Oliver St.
Fremont, Nebraska 68025

Phone: (402) 727-1226

Fax: (402) 727-7630

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Quality Mobile Office Trailers in Omaha, NE

Omaha, Nebraska offers growth and prosperity to residents and newcomers alike. As the state's largest city, it's growing by about 1% or more per year, which supports growth in thriving suburbs such as Papillon, Gretna, Chalco and La Vista.

Mobile office trailers provide office space for construction companies responsible for creating new buildings and homes. WillScot is a trusted name in mobile office trailers, portable storage containers and other flexible space solutions.

If you need a comfortable place to manage your worksite or a secure unit for tools and equipment, WillScot has the perfect solutions. Its customer service team can help you determine the best options for your project.

Are you working outside the Omaha area? That's okay, WillScot mobile office trailers are available in every corner of Nebraska, from Chadron to Scottsbluff to Valentine. Plus, we'll deck out your mobile office trailer with fixtures, furniture and stairs, as needed. Worried about security and insurance? Don't, we've thought of that too.

All you do is call and we take it from there, sourcing your space needs and saving you time, money and stress. You concentrate on completing your construction project in Omaha, and we'll give you a comfortable place to do your planning, managing and other working.