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2 Hackensack Avenue
Kearny, New Jersey 07032-4605

Phone: (973) 589-1234

Fax: (973) 589-3434

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New York City South (15 mi / 23 718 m)

Long Island (45 mi / 72 922 m)

Philadelphia North (69 mi / 110 806 m)

Cherry Hill (72 mi / 116 580 m)

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Premium Mobile Offices in NYC

New York is the most populated and the most frequently visited city in the United States. The city, located at the confluence of the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean, is famous for its five unique boroughs: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. Millions of people come each year to visit landmarks such as Central Park and the Empire State Building. New York is a leader in many industries but is especially well-known for its flourishing entertainment, finance, and manufacturing industries.

The nickname, "The City That Never Sleeps" is an apt one. Business is constantly in motion in New York, and it's important you're always prepared. WillScot has an extensive collection of mobile offices and storage units suitable for any size project. We also offer essentials packages that can take care of everything your office trailer rental needs. Essentials include accessible entrances for every weather scenario, office furniture, insurance, data, and tech.

We know how stressful doing business in New York can be, so let us make this part of your life simple. Give us a call at any time and we will be happy to walk you through every element of our services to make sure you are getting the perfect fit for your needs.