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232 Louisiana Hwy 93
Scott, Louisiana 70583

Phone: (337) 234-6450

Fax: (337) 234-2097

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New Orleans (109 mi / 175 605 m)

Jackson (179 mi / 288 058 m)

Houston East (191 mi / 306 660 m)

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Quality Mobile Office Spaces and Shipping Containers in Lafayette, LA

Historically, Lafayette has grown from an agricultural community to an oil and natural gas sector and rapidly diversified into the 21st Century to incorporate different industries.

Attractive neighborhoods for development in Lafayette include Upper Lafayette, Downtown, Oil Center, Youngsville, and Broussard. Lafayette is also home to hundreds of startups in different sectors and with different needs. This is where WillScot comes in with reliable and affordable space and storage solutions for all business types.

Are you looking for high-quality mobile office trailers in Louisiana? At WillScot, we meet your needs in the best and reasonably priced manner. We supply our clients with top-notch mobile office trailers and shipping/storage containers in Lafayette, LA, and the surrounding areas. Whether in construction, manufacturing, retail, or the food industry, you can rely on our units to serve your space and storage needs.

We serve you regardless of your location in Louisiana, whether in New Orleans, Lake Charles, Baton Rouge, or Shreveport. More importantly, we personalize your units with essential features to improve comfort and convenience. Such include high-quality furniture, tech support, and insurance, among others.

Reach out to us today for your mobile office trailers and storage container needs in Lafayette, LA. By hiring our services, we help you save time and money by not outsourcing to unreasonably priced storage and office service providers.