About this Case Study


Baltimore Museum Of Art Mickalene Thomas Exhibit

The Baltimore Museum of Art was in need of several temporary buildings to create the foundation for an upcoming exhibit “Mickalene Thomas: A Moment’s Pleasure.” Specifically, the museum was in need of a flexible building solution that could fit into a tight, complex exhibit space and be transformed to recreate a 1970s-inspired Baltimore rowhome.


WillScot’s local Baltimore team provided four connected FLEX mobile offices that could be easily configured to fit on the museum’s roof-top terrace, a challenge most traditional mobile offices could not overcome. The four FLEX mobile offices allowed for a quick delivery, adaptability to the site and easy customization based on the artist’s requirements.

Once installed, the artist, Mickalene Thomas, worked with construction company Plano-Coudon to transform the mobile offices into a 1970s living room to showcase the lifestyle of Baltimoreans during that time. The art exhibit included a vibrant, geometric interior with retro patterned wallpaper, carpeting and custom furniture, while the steel exterior panels were transformed to resemble the traditional and iconic Baltimore brick rowhome with a marble step entrance.