Modular Office Packages

When a customer needs a modular solution, more likely than not they also need what goes inside that space as well - furniture, appliances and accessories. WillScot is the only modular space provider that can deliver all the components you need to be functional and ready to work from the moment of delivery.


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Modular Office Packages Available

Customize your modular office, workstation, conference room and more with a package from WillScot. Many are available with Basic, Premium and Executive options. Learn more.

Essentials Packages

Office Packages

Create the ideal office setting within your modular solution here. Office packages are available in Basic, Premium or Executive options, depending on your budget.

Workstation Packages

Our workstation packages are available in Basic, Premium or Executive options and provide a level of privacy within your modular solution while maintaining an open, comfortable environment.

Conference Room Packages

Our conference packages are available in Basic, Premium or Executive options and create the ideal meeting space within your mobile office.

Lunch Room Packages

Our lunch room packages are available in Basic and Premium options that create the ideal break area within your mobile office.

Café Packages

Our cafe packages provide everything you need to create the perfect coffee area and break station in your temporary office solution.

Planning Packages

Our planning package saves you time and money by covering the important details that turn a temporary solution into a comfortable and safe workplace.

Entrance Packages

Entrance PackagesOur entrance packages provide safe and secure access to your mobile unit with adjustable OSHA steps. This convenient solution enables you to use the building from the day it is delivered.