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Take a look at how one spatially-challenged town solves their need for space with modular solutions.

How Modular Buildings Support Any Need or Industry

The need for temporary space is an inevitable challenge faced by many businesses, communities and organizations alike. Company growth, new construction, renovations, growing school populations, legislation and natural disasters all factor into this need for space. A flexible, efficient and immediate solution is often required when this need occurs.

Highly functional, secure and easily reconfigured or relocated, modular buildings provide the temporary space needed on construction sites for builders, architects, engineers and developers alike. From an on-site command center, break room or safety center to a modern, state of the art sales office for a residential housing complex, modular buildings provide an ideal solution to keep all parties on track and running smoothly.

Construction Site


Overcrowded classrooms, growing student populations, redistricting and shifting demographics generate a need for new and improved instructional space. Portable classrooms provide an affordable, readily available option to create effective, temporary learning environments.



Whether expanding, renovating or initiating new construction, medical facilities need to offer patients uninterrupted services. Modular buildings provide convenient, temporary swing space for staff and patients alike during all phases of construction.

Sports Stadium

When the big game comes to town, the operational scope for broadcasters, security, concessions, catering and hospitality rise exponentially. Temporary, flexible and quick to deliver, modular buildings are ideal additions to stadium infrastructure before, during and after high-demand sporting events.

Festival /  Concert

Whether it's for a city wide festival, concert, race or tournament, modular space is among an event organizer's best friends. Modular buildings can quickly move into an events epicenter, adding necessary operating space such as ticket offices, first aid stations and information areas, and then be neatly pulled away at the events

conclusion - with minimal disruption to everyday business.

Shopping Center

Department stores, discount stores and specialty retailers are no strangers to modular space. Whether renovating or building new, modular buildings provide retailers a bright, clean, temporary environment to keep serving customers while their permanent facility is being worked on.

Downtown Business

The flexibility and mobility of modular buildings make anything possible for downtown businesses; a bright, open environment to accommodate a daycare facility, additional space for training new employees, municipal space for local governments, conference areas for a hotel event. Modular buildings provide endless solutions to the most common space needs.

Sales/Leasing OFFICE

When a residential builder needs a welcome center in a newly constructed development or a commercial developer requires a temporary sales/leasing office during construction, modular space is a logical solution. Modular buildings provide a flexible, customizable option that can serve as a central hub throughout the entire selling/leasing process and can be easily relocated to the next project as needed.

Public Beach

Restroom facilities provide an added convenience to many locations. Modular restrooms can quickly provide any location with the space to cover routine necessities or provide complete shower/change rooms that are required by many industries.


Temporary, weather-resistant and secure, storage containers can provide any business additional storage space to house excess inventory, equipment, documents or supplies. Whether you’re a retailer stocking up for temporary sales surges or a builder storing expensive tools and construction equipment, storage containers provide the answer for a variety of storage needs.

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