Mobile Office Trailers in Fort McMurray, AB

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Contact Info

Hwy 63, Ruth Lake Yard
Fort McMurray, Alberta T9H 5N3

Phone: (780) 743-4163

Fax: (780) 743-4332

Hours of Operation

Nearby Locations

Edmonton (239 mi / 384 368 m)

Saskatoon (367 mi / 590 787 m)

Airdrie (390 mi / 627 903 m)

Calgary (408 mi / 656 490 m)

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Durable Mobile Offices and Storage Units in Fort McMurray, AB

Originally a fur-trading hub, Fort McMurray is now a dominant force in the oil and gas sector. However, while the Athabasca Oil Sands may be what Fort McMurray is best known for, this city also attracts many yearly visitors and new residents due to its stunning location in the wilderness of northeastern Alberta.

Doing any kind of work in Fort McMurray is always a hustle, and you need to make sure you are on top of your game. It's important that you work with a company you can trust, and WillScot is always happy to be there for you. We can provide you with a variety of different units, from small mobile office trailers to large portable storage containers. We also offer a range of packages that can cover everything from basic office furniture to a fully decked-out room that you will hardly believe wasn't there the day before. No matter what, we'll make sure we've discussed all your specific needs to make sure you can get to work in peace.