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3807 Oates Road
Houston, TX 77013
Phone: (713) 678-7499
Fax: (713) 678-7374

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    Your Best Source for Mobile Office Trailers and Section Modular Offices in East Houston

    When you need mobile office trailers or section modular offices in East Houston, Texas, turn to WillScot. Our temporary space experts have the resources to equip your project with modular buildings where and when you need them.

    Plus we can outfit your units with The Essentials – everything you need to make your space immediately functional, including furniture, fixtures, stairs, security, tech, insurance and more.

    Whether you manage a construction site or logistics operation, we have all the building and storage configurations to help you drive productivity from start to finish. Give our team a call and let us handle every detail, so you can forget about sourcing space and focus on other aspects of your project. Time is money, and we save you both.

    Solutions we offer:

    • Mobile Office Trailers
    • Section Modular Offices
    • Sales Offices
    • Storage Containers
    • Redi-Plex Buildings
    • Panelized & Stackable Offices

    Industries we serve:

    • Energy
    • Construction
    • Transportation
    • Retail & Commercial
    • Education
    • Healthcare

    We simplify the entire process from start to finish. From ordering to delivery, to setup and final return, our team takes care of all the logistics. Whatever your project, we have the resources to make sure you have temporary space quickly and easily. Businesses in Houston East look to us for speed, convenience, reliability and quality. Call WillScot.