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The Convenience of 360 Service: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Convenience is one of the buzz words surrounding products and services geared to making your customers’ experience a happy one.


If we jumped into the time machine and returned to 1927 we would find an early 20th century entrepreneurial example of selling convenience. Joe Thompson worked for the Southland Ice Company in Dallas and wanted to make some extra money. With easy access to ice that would help preserve them, he started selling milk, bread and eggs after the typical town sources had closed their doors. People loved it!  Here was a great idea centered on what people needed, spring-boarding from an existing source, and it was convenient.


Returning to 2016, our 360 Service is a kindred spirit to that earlier scenario: furniture, appliances and accessories customers need for their mobile offices or modular buildings, available from an existing source (WillScot) and it is convenient.


Other companies may offer these items but WillScot’s 360 Service has perfected it. Since mid-2015, four packages have been curated and rolled out to the customer:

·      Office and conference (furniture)

·      Café (break room)

·      Planning (planning table and blueprint rack)

·      Workstation (an upgradeable cubicle system for open space)


Each package has been thoughtfully created based on feedback, quality items with attractive price points, and what fits comfortably into a mobile office or modular building floor plan. Tiers within most package plans also make it easy to match the comfort zone of any budget.

That point about what fits comfortably within a mobile office or modular building’s floor plan is an important one. Whether you are arranging items within a home, a traditional office or temporary space, you need to respect the room’s dimensions and flow or you can forget about achieving Feng shui. WillScot’s 360 Packages are specifically geared to the interior of a mobile office or modular building. In fact, we have developed schematics of our most popular floor plans complete with appropriate furniture/appliances to make the decision even easier for our customers. How convenient!


Each quarter a new package debuts so two more are currently in development for this year. Again, these packages are based on feedback and suggestions we receive from customers, our sales team, marketing and operations. There is nothing random about 360 Service; it is a well-thought out plan. Regardless of what makes up these packages, their primary purpose is to meet the needs of our customers and provide – get ready for that buzz word -convenience.


Our 360 Service blog has completed 360⁰ and returns to our early convenience maven Joe Thompson. If you’re wondering what happened to Joe, his modest offerings kept growing and evolved into a company you might have heard of: 7-Eleven®.


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