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7 Tips to Keep Your Office Trailer Cool this Summer

Keeping workers cool and comfortable commonly means keeping them productive as well. As temperatures rise during the summer months, air conditioners work around the clock to maintain lower temps. But that comes at a cost. Whether you’re in an office trailer, or any other building, a few simple steps can keep inside temps and corresponding electric bills low. Here are 7 tips to help you keep your office trailer cool this summer.

1.Change the air filter

New air filters let your HVAC unit operate at peak capacity. As filters get dirty and clogged, cooling units must work harder. Replace the filter every 3 months, or more if you’re in a particularly dusty area such as a construction site.

2.Keep the door closed

Office trailers are generally smaller than most buildings and can lose a lot of cool air through an open doorway. Avoid leaving the door open any longer than necessary.

3.Circulate the air

Operating portable fan inside your office trailer helps further lower the temperature.

4.Keep windows and blinds closed during the heat of the day

Open windows as needed to let in some fresh air when the temps drop at night and in the early morning.

5.Set up your office trailer in the shade

If possible, choose a place where your office trailer will be shaded throughout the day.

6.Be mindful of the electronics you’re operating inside the building

Computers and refrigerators in particular give off a lot of heat. Turn them off when not in use. Also, make sure to keep these items away from the thermostat as they can cause a false reading.

7.Set your thermostat to 68 degrees or higher in the summer months

Keeping your office trailer comfortable in the summer can have a tremendous impact on productivity. If you want to adjust your thermostat before you leave for the night or over the weekend, stay within 5 degrees of the desired temperature. 

With these simple tips and a little effort, you can keep your office trailer comfortably cool and electric bills low through the hot summer months.

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