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Part of a Ready to Work Solution Includes Insurance, Waivers

WillScot provides space solutions that go beyond the building. We offer all the value-added products and services related to leasing temporary space so our customers have more time to focus on their project rather than securing office or storage space and this includes securing the property damage waivers and third-party liability insurance.

Generally speaking, your job site has four key areas related to temporary space that require protection:
• Your people
• Your stuff
• The modular unit itself
• The visitors to your job site and their stuff

The first two are generally covered by a customer’s workers’ compensation and personal property insurance — done. As for the other two, if you lease products from WillScot we require you to cover the modular unit itself and visitors to that unit along with their property. In an effort to save you time and money we offer these with attractive terms.
Let’s examine the reasons the WillScot approach makes more sense than doing it yourself.

Protecting the Building: The Property Damage Waiver

The WillScot Property Damage Waiver protects you from damage through vandalism, fire or acts of God. Added to your monthly bill, our waivers provide exactly what you need and none of what you don’t. 

Time is saved when the waiver is added to the lease along with the unit, furniture and steps. When you avoid wasting timing, you can be more productive on the job at hand. 
For a low out-of-pocket cost, the waiver covers all WillScot equipment. You’ve reduced project risk and any delays attributed to lack of coverage. Another plus: Our waiver deductible is likely lower than the deductible on your current coverage.

Protecting Your Visitors: Third-Party Liability Insurance

We partner with Allen Insurance to cover third-party bodily injury and property damage that could occur while our units are on lease. This insurance program was custom-designed based on more than a half century’s experience in the industry. Again, it provides exactly what you need and none of what you don’t.

Because you secure this at the same time you lease your unit and other essentials from WillScot, you again save valuable time. It frees you to focus on what you are contracted to do, not spending time sourcing items that support what you do. 

This zero-deductible insurance acts as primary coverage, protecting you from general liability concerns up to $1 million per occurrence. 

“Peace of mind” is a term so freely used today that we might lose sight of its value. You only understand its worth when you no longer have it. Our goal is to make you more productive and Ready to Work from day one, and that gives you peace of mind. Waivers and insurance coverage are just another example of how our total solutions philosophy makes the leasing process easier. 

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